new moon bellas birthday clip

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is literally at our fingertips now that we’ve entered the month of November. It seems like all of the over the top promotion will come to a boil during the next two weeks. A new video clip has been released from the film and it centers on the Cullens as they throw a party to celebrate Bella’s birthday. The whole gangs here, but since it’s a Cullen affair Jacob won’t be found in this scene, sorry girls it’s all Team Edward.

Check out the clip…

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If you’ve seen the many trailers, you’ll notice that this scene looks pretty familiar. This is the point prior to Jasper’s (Jackson Rathbone) full on attempt to devour Bella after she cuts her finger. The video cuts off right before he goes into attack mode, and gets thrown across the room by Edward. It’s good to see one piece of normalcy in the Cullen clan before everything goes to hell. We all know that New Moon is one of the most depressing installments of the book series so get your tissues ready.

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