Freemans a dirty old man

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman is known for playing paternal and respectful figures in film but according to THR, his latest role will have him tossing that image out the window. According to the trade, Freeman has landed a role in a Warner Bros comedy tentatively entitled, Dirty Old Men. The film already has Peter Segal attached to direct, and is expected to take Freeman in a direction we’ve never seen him in before.

Dirty Old Men will center on “an aging playboy who finally meets the love of his life and his best friend and wingman for the past 40 years (Freeman) who does everything to break up the new couple.” Can you imagine Freeman as someone’s wingman? The studio already has an actor in mind who could play opposite Morgan, and they’re aiming for Jack Nicholson. After the sentimental hit The Bucket List back in 2007, it’s been proven that the actors have amazing chemistry together.

Nicholson hasn’t formally attached himself to the film, but sources say he’s aware of the project. This will be an interesting role for Freeman to take on at this point in his career. Even though he’s had his time to shine within the past few decades by playing upstanding characters, his resume wasn’t always so squeaky clean.

One of the most underrated Freeman performances comes from the 1987 drama, Street Smart. It earned the actor his first Academy Award nomination, and gave him the opportunity to play the lowest of the low. He was a no nonsense pimp named Fast Black, and he really showed how bad he could be. Plus, who can forget his over the top performance in Wanted, where he was pretty much the same character except for the pimp part. Dirty Old Men, will definitely be on the lighter side of his devious spectrum, but it won’t be his first trip to the dark side.

What do you think of Morgan Freeman taking on a role of a manipulative wingman?