30 rock bombs in the ratings

Here in America, critics and audiences are under the spell of Tina Fey‘s comedy 30 Rock, but over in Germany they could care less. According to THR, the U.S. series finally made its debut on German television and it bombed…bad! It’s never an easy feat to make the German people laugh, but they either hated the show or forgot it was on because the ratings were atrocious.

30 Rock debuted in Germany on Sunday via broadcaster ZDFNeo and received a ratings score of 0.0. That means less than 5,000 people tuned in to watch the antics of Tina, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan. The debut was below even the lowest forecast standards for the station, which took on the promising stateside series. ZDF, made 30 Rock the flagship in its new relaunch, which promised more cutting-edge programming for a younger demographic. Unfortunately, the target audience wasn’t interested in what they were selling.

Not to completely throw 30 Rock under the bus, other programs that debuted that night also performed poorly. The BBC comedy Taking the Flak didn’t bring in the viewers, and neither did the feature presentation of the 2006 Michael Douglas thriller, The Sentinel.

The German network used to be known as ZDFDoku, and served a niche market of documentary film fanatics, in which the channel averaged a 0.3% market share. With this rebirth, ZDFNeo has a lot of struggling to do before it becomes a contender with other major broadcasting networks. Their goal is to reach a 0.6% share by the end of next year.

This may have been a rough first outing, but there are plenty of networks that struggle in the early years of development. It’s hard to find an audience when people aren’t familiar with your brand yet.

What do you think of the low ratings for 30 rock overseas?