the alchemist still in development

Here’s another novel adaptation that we continue to hear about but never see any results from. A couple of years ago there was word that actor Laurence Fishburne and A-Mark Entertainment had acquired the rights to The Alchemist, and since then the project has gone through multiple hands. Over at Comingsoon, they’ve given us an update on the film’s latest development.

The website recently spoke to filmmakers Scott McGehee and Dave Siegel, who revealed that their currently working on the adaptation of the story. The film will be produced via the Weinstein Company, and will center on an Andalusian shepherd boy who travels the world looking for treasures. The original novel was written by Paulo Coelho and has been a commercial and critical success for years.

The biggest question here is whether or not Fishburne and his crew are still attached to the film. It’s still not clear if he’ll star in The Alchemist or even stay on board as a behind the scenes presence. The last time I checked he was busy picking at dead bodies on CSI, so his movie career has taken a backseat to his small screen work. We’ll keep our eye on this story as it develops because news on this film comes once every blue moon.

What do you think of the Weinstein Company producing The Alchemist?