who should replace hugh jackman as oscar host

Here’s a shocking revelation that will have plenty of people shaking in their boots. According to Variety, the multi-talented Hugh Jackman will not return to host the Academy Awards next year. That means we won’t see him singing and dancing on the Oscar stage again, which leaves a huge slot open for someone else to step in.

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At the moment there’s been no official statement released, we just know that Jackman isn’t interested in reprising his role as Oscar host. This once again puts the show at the mercy of disappointing ratings. In the years prior to this, the telecast had seen a dramatic drop in viewership. Some people blamed the nominees, the films, and most of the time the hosts. If I could choose anyone to take over the job it would be Neil Patrick Harris. He’s hosted the Tonys and the Emmys and did pretty good job on both. Give him a shot!

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