jim carrey creates zany website

For all of you who thought The Truman Show was just another movie to Jim Carrey think again. The actor is taking a cue from the voyeuristic feature, and is allowing fans to get a peek into his life. Carrey has launched a website that will allow you to see more of him than you ever bargained for. Movie Jim Carrey is great, but real Jim Carrey is down right insane.

According to Newkerala, Carrey wants people to take a trip into his eccentric subconscious.

‘It’s kind of a psychedelic landscape of my brain laid out and I think you’ll have fun. They (fans) get to see everything that’s going on in my universe and done in a way that I think you’ll have fun negotiating.’

His official website JimCarrey.com is already online and ready for you to enter. It gives updates on the actor’s career, as well as his personal interests. I have to admit it’s pretty scary. There’s a photo of him on the welcome page that screams extreme airbrushing and he almost looks like a cartoon villain. Maybe that’s the fun part of this whole thing? Keeping people off balance.

This concept is interesting to me because it sounds like a cyber version of reality TV, and you know how that’s frowned upon by A-list actors. As a fan of Carrey, this might be the closest some people will ever get to the man, but are you intrigued or freaked out?

What do you think of Jim Carrey’s website?