craig_brewer to direct footloose

Earlier this week we told you about This is It director Kenny Ortega‘s decision to pull out of the remake of the 1980′s dance flick, Footloose. The reason behind his departure had many people speculating over the direction that Paramount plans on taking the film. Sources indicate that Ortega wanted to focus on the dance element, while the studio wanted to focus on the edgy story.

Who will take Ortega’s spot as the director of Footloose? How about the guy who helmed the critically acclaimed pimp-centric, Hustle & Flow? According to THR, Paramount is seriously looking at Craig Brewer to take over the film in the leadership position. This may seem like it comes completely out of left field, but he does have some musical experience. It may not be of the dance kind, but it’s something.

As previously stated, Ortega made comments about the creative differences he encountered with the studio regarding the project.

“The differences just became so big between the studio and I…You don’t want to get in there and find out in the middle of an experience that you’re not on the same page as the studio.”

I can’t knock him for that. Ortega wanted to make this a real dance movie, and the powers that be wanted it to be a gritty drama that took away from that. There’s no reason you can’t have both. There are plenty of movies that have successfully balanced those elements, and managed to make money in the process.

Do you think Craig Brewer should direct Footloose? Who should replace Ortega?