friday roundup

This week we’ve had a wide range of news stories that cover everything from the informative to the bizarre. Since it’s the week of Halloween we’ve decided to bring you some eerie and hilarious tidbits that have generated over the past five days. Some of this info you might even be able to use as you celebrate the holiday this weekend.

Check out our Friday Roundup…

  • For some odd reason the above Star Wars photo says so much, without saying anything at all. Someone posted the image online, and I’ve been laughing at it ever since. [Flickr]
  • This week, Disney declared that the popular Baby Einstein media program might not make your child the brightest and best after all. They’re now offering a refund to customers whose infants haven’t turned into mini-geniuses. Is Sesame Street not good enough for kids these days? [Shine]
  • In movie/music news, the roster and schedule has been announced for the official Twilight New Moon Tour. The venture is headlined by the rock band Death Cab for Cutie and features many more hormone driven acts. [BeatCrave]
  • We’ve been heavily covering the upcoming A-Team movie that’s scheduled to drop next year, so it would only be fitting that we bring you video of Ten Different A-Team parodies. You know the opening to that show rocked! [Unreality Magazine]
  • The late Heath Ledger left fans with many memorable performances thanks to his acting talent, but did you know he moonlighted as a director? Ledger helmed a music video for Australian rapper N’fa Foster-Jones and it’s recently been posted online. [Beatcrave]
  • If you don’t have your costume for Halloween yet, you’re pretty much screwed. That means you’ll have to dress up as whoever or whatever is left at your local drug store. Here are Ten Horribly Unsexy Costumes you literally wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. [Cinematical]

Happy Halloween everybody!