dennis hopper cancer

Legendary actor Dennis Hopper has been having a terrible few weeks. We previously reported on the actor when he was rushed to the hospital earlier this month suffering from what his publicist described as “flu-like” symptoms, and now more disturbing news has been released. According to the Huffington Post, Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The 73 year old has been formally diagnosed with the terminal disease, and is seeking treatment within a “special program” at the University of Southern California. Hopper is not only an actor but he’s also an artist, and due to his current situation he’s been forced to cancel his upcoming art exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. The presentation is entitled “Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood,” and celebrates “the work and life of an extraordinary filmmaker, artist and key figure in the evolution of Americas cultural scene from the 1950s to today.”

When asked about the actor’s prognosis, Sam Maydew from the University of Southern California stated, “We’re hoping for the best.” After hearing this news, we can only hope that the actor fights with everything he has to beat this ugly disease. Hopper is a two-time Oscar nominee who’s been in the entertainment industry for well over 50 years. He’s influenced many actors who came onto the scene after the counter culture revolution of the sixties, and ushered in an edgier form of filmmaking with his classic, Easy Rider.

Lets all keep Dennis in our prayers, because he truly is a one of a kind talent who deserves to overcome this obstacle.

What’s you favorite Dennis Hopper film? Are you a fan of his work?