boondock saints 2 release locations

********Update: Boondock Saints 2 Release Locations have expanded.*******

Are we having another Paranormal Activity issue here? Fans are having a hard time finding Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day in theaters. It looks like we’re going to have another situation where movie goers will have to “demand it” at their local theater. According to Associated Content, screenings for the film are few and far between so fans will have a hard time catching a show.

Boondock Saints 2 will hit theaters today in a very limited release, the film will only pop up in about 65 venues this Halloween weekend, which sucks! The majority of these screenings will take place in Los Angeles and New York, and if you’re one of the millions who don’t live in those cities, you’re screwed.

You can search online to see if you’re one of the lucky ones who can get their hands on a ticket but other than that you have to wait it out like the rest of the world. Some people aren’t taking this neglect laying down, as several online petitions have been created to generate theater expansion for the film.

Paranormal Activity is a bait and switch of The Blair Witch Project and it’s found itself in almost every major city thanks to grass roots campaigning. Can we do the same for Boondock Saints 2?

Do you want to see Boondock Saints 2 in theaters this weekend?