What in the world does the younger Scott brother have up his sleeve? Earlier this morning we told you about Ridley Scott‘s desire to work on the prequel to the sci-fi classic, Alien. Now we’ve learned via Variety, that his sibling Tony Scott wants to direct a film that centers on Chippendale dancers!

The trade is reporting that Scott is attached to direct a film based on the rise and fall of “Steve Banerjee, the man responsible for creating Chippendales, who was consumed by excess and competition when the male strip clubs became a phenomenon in the 1980s.” He will also serve as a producer on the film, that will have a script written by Lisa Schrager.

Oddly enough, Schrager also penned the screenplay for the Paramount based Heidi Fleiss story entitled, Pay the Girl and a Universal feature called, Gangsta Bitches. I’m starting to see a theme with her work, and it looks like a Chippendales movie is right up her alley. The film’s story will follow the humble roots of Steve Banerjee from a gas station attendant to a nightclub owner, who eventually becomes the founder of the famous dance troupe.

Similar to the tone of Scott’s previous film True Romance, this story will take a darker turn when it examines the paranoia that took over Banerjee’s life. He eventually hired a hit-man to murder his top choreographer when negotiations went south, a move that landed him in jail where he stayed until his death.

How depressing?! Chippendales was all the rage back in the day. Remember the famous Patrick Swayze skit from SNL with Chris Farley? The male strippers made a way into main stream media without being overtly offensive, just oily and tan. This is a brave move for Scott considering his last few films have been carbon copies of each other.

What do you think of Tony Scott take on the Chippendales story?