sincity production starts in 2010

Will we ever get a Sin City 2? The 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller‘s popular graphic novel has been under heavy sequel speculation since its release. Robert Rodriguez has spoken a little about it, Miller has put in his two cents, and several of the film’s actors have chimed in as well. This time, the latest update comes from producer Stephen L’Heureux, and according to him production on the film will begin very soon.

You know those rumors we kept hearing about the film going into production sometime this year? That’s not going to happen, instead L’Heureux states that Sin City 2 will start shooting in the later half of 2010. The film’s script will once again be based on an original story by Frank Miller who will co-direct with Robert Rodriguez.

Within this brief interview, the producer also disclosed information on the live action adaptation of the comic, Hard Boiled. He confirmed that Miller is working on a screenplay for the film and is also on board to direct. It sounds like Frank’s going to have his hands full with the screenplays for both films. I’ve become a life long skeptic when it comes to the Sin City sequel, because so many things have thrown the project off track.

The film is an ensemble piece in every sense of the word, so I can understand having to maneuver scheduling to accommodate actors, but come on. It’s been almost 5 years, and during that break Miller managed to put his time and effort into The Spirit? That just doesn’t make sense.

What do you think about the latest Sin City 2 update?

Source: Mania