Avatar - The Space Crew

The new trailer for James Cameron‘s Avatar starring Sam Worthington is finally here and it’s impressive!  Until now, people haven’t been able to make up their minds about this film. After they revealed 20 minutes of the film at Comic-Con and on Avatar Day everyone thought the film was the most brilliant thing they had ever seen, then the first teaser trailer came out and everyone seemed disappointed saying that it looked more like Delgo than what Avatar should look like. Well if this new trailer doesn’t get you on board I’m not sure what else will. I think this if probably the best sample of the film that you’re ever going to get on your computer monitor, in 3 and a half minutes.

Check our the trailer now…

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Technically, their blue faces still look a bit odd when we first see them and I wonder if they white them out because they’re not quite “real” enough. That being said, if I complain about that, I’ll slap myself. Overall the suspense, story, and overall look (especially of the aircraft scenes) all look stunning. I’m ready to stop any complaining and seal my lips until I see this bad boy on the big screen. How about you?

Ready to stop bitching now or is it still not enough?

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The film will be in theaters December 18th. Buy tickets for Avatar now!