men in black 3

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The title correctly states that Men in Black 3 is on its way so get ready. According to THR, Sony has officially decided to move forward with another installment in the popular intergalactic franchise that starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The studio has already hired a writer whose previous work includes last year’s Tropic Thunder.

Sony has hired Etan Cohen to pen the script for MIB:3, and have set a 2010 production date for the film to start shooting. The biggest question here is will the original star Will Smith reprise his role? According to the trade, the actor hasn’t committed to doing another film, but recent reports suggest he’s open to returning. Smith doesn’t currently have a film role lined up so he’s got the time. As for Tommy Lee Jones, his involvement is said to be “uncertain.”

I’m not surprised that the studio has decided to move forward with this. They smell money and they want it in their pockets now. The first two films collectively brought in over a billion dollars in worldwide tickets sales, making Men in Black one of the most successful franchises of all time. Sony previously announced their plans to do another film, but like most people I ignored them and hoped it was a bad dream. Yet, this is the same studio that’s producing a fourth Spider-Man movie, why would I expect anything less?

What do you think about Men in Black 3? Should Smith and Jones return?