Avatar - Sam Worthington as Jake Sully With Neytiri

Today we’re expecting the second domestic trailer for James Cameron‘s Avatar to hit, but oddly enough, late last night the international version popped up instead. It clocks in at a little over three minutes, and appears to have some newer footage for us to over examine. You get a better understanding of the story through a narration by Jake, Sam Worthington‘s character, and you see how he went from a physically handicapped soldier to an alien leader.

Check out the trailer…

Even though Worthington’s forced American accent is hard to take, you can clearly tell his character signed up for a lot more than he bargained for. The plot for this movie is beginning to show some obvious political undertones. The natives have something “we” want, so the armed forces are sent to retrieve it. Sound familiar?

The character of Jake Sully is torn between his dedication to the Marines, and his new found Na’vi family. Towards the end of the trailer I get a heavy 300 feel. Around the 3:08 mark Jake yells, “This is our land,”and at that moment I was waiting for him to say “This is Sparta!” Am I the only one who felt that vibe?

Avatar will hit theaters in the U.S. on December 18th.

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