who should play frank sinatra

Earlier this spring, May to be exact, news broke that award winning director Martin Scorsese was planning to helm a biopic centering on the life of Frank Sinatra. With this announcement came several casting possibilities, and at the time Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harry Connick Jr. were all mentioned for the role. Now, several reports are suggesting that George Clooney may also be in the running to play ‘old blue eyes.’

All of these actors are talented in their own right, but that doesn’t automatically make them perfect for this part. Out of Depp, DiCaprio, Connick, and Clooney who do you think should play Frank Sinatra in the Scorsese biopic?

Here’s the scoop, according to The Gaurdian, Universal is pushing for Depp to play Sinatra due to his impressive performance as John Dillinger in Public Enemies. Sinatra’s own daughter, Nancy thinks Clooney would be the perfect man to play her father, which conflicts with Scorsese’s vision. Apparently, the director wants to show the darker side of the singer, similar to what he did with Howard Hughes in The Aviator, and Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. Nancy on the other hand, wants the world to see a gentler Frank, with the majority of the focus being on his music.

Who should play Frank Sinatra in Scorsese's biopic?

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As for casting, let’s stop it with the games. I love all four of these guys, but if I was forced to choose, Clooney wouldn’t even be involved. He needs to go find a writer that can produce a good Cary Grant biopic that he can work himself into. He knows that’s the role he was born to play. As for the other three, I’d have to go with Connick. My biggest question is, what era of Sinatra are they covering, because young Frank and older Frank look pretty different.

Who do you think should star as Frank Sinatra in Scorsese’s biopic?