george miller mad max, mel gibson

George Miller continues to feed the publicity machine with his pending Mad Max sequel, Fury Road. It seems like every other post we write has to do with that film, and here’s more fuel to add to the fire. The director recently spoke with ABC News about some of the props (cars) that will be used in the fourth installment, as well as a few casting tidbits for the “Road Warrior” franchise.

Take a look at the video…

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As you can see from the video he spoke about a lot of the tech stuff that goes into making an action film in today’s day and age. He makes the stunt work sound pretty serious, so that was an exciting aspect to hear him speak on. Other than that, I want a straight yay or nay on a Mel Gibson cameo! Even though it would be interesting to see what other home grown Australian talent he will pick up for the title role, I’m going to need more options thrown out besides Sam Worthington.

What do you think of George Miller in this ABC interview?