Avatar - Neytiri's Fighting Stance

Avatar hasn’t even been released yet and there are already rumors that a sequel could be in the works. This isn’t a foreign concept since a lot of big budget films are created with franchises in mind. In this case that would be a bit risky considering Avatar‘s unprecedented subject matter. Over at MarketSaw, they’ve revealed some info about a possible follow up to the film as well as an Alien prequel.

According to their secret source, the Avatar universe could expand beyond Pandora with another film. Not only that, but this source (who actually works on the project) praises the movie as being 10 years ahead of its time, and declares co-star Stephen Lang as one to watch next year.

“I think Stephen Lang is going to get a lot of attention when AVATAR hits the screen silver. He is good.” Heath Ledger`s Joker good” – obviously not the same kind of deal though.”

We should also be looking towards some surprises in December from James Cameron regarding the heavy marketing that will take place for Avatar. As for Alien, this is just a rumor, but they begged the question what if Ridley Scott decided to direct the Alien prequel with Cameron on board as a producer? Too good to be true? That would take things to a whole other level.

None of these stories have been confirmed or denied, but it’s good to hear what’s floating out there among the various camps. One thing is for certain, if the Alien story is true I’m all over it!

What do you think about the Avatar sequel rumors?

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