sam worthington to star in mad max 4

The Mad Max sequel Fury Road has had one of the most productive week’s I’ve seen in a very long time. Just the other day we reported on casting rumors regarding Charlize Theron and Bronson‘s Tom Hardy co-starring in the fourth film, that will once again be directed by George Miller. According to THR, the budget has already been set and production on the film will begin a lot earlier than you think.

The trade reports that Fury Road will have a production budget of 100 million dollars, even though no studio backing has been formally announced.

“In the hands of director George Miller, we will see one of the largest and most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia. This is a clear vote of confidence in Australian expertise. This proves that Sydney is an international contender for major film production.”

This is an interesting statement considering the fact that The Green Lantern film just transferred their production from down under due to the excessive cost. On another note, casting for the film has once again been shaken via a report from the Daily Telegraph.

There has been no confirmation yet of who will play the role of the Road Warrior but rumors abound it will be Australian Terminator star Sam Worthington, with Charlize Theron to co-star.  The Daily Telegraph has learned that work on the film will start immediately, injecting tens of millions of dollars into the economy and creating more than 500 jobs.

This conflicts with the statement from THR, that states that production will start sometime next year, even though the Telegraph insists the shoot will begin immediately. Who do we believe? There have been so many rumors flying around these past few days regarding this movie. Does Sam really need to play every iconic action hero ever created? I like the guy but come on.

We’ll keep you informed as this ever evolving story continues to develop.

What do you think of Sam Worthington possibly portraying Max in Fury Road?