scream_4 in 3-d with craves return

For the most part, the veteran cast for the upcoming Scream sequel has been set with David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and Neve Campbell. The trio will be reprising their roles as Dewey, Gail, and Sydney, the sole survivors of the “Woodsboro murders.” Recently reports surfaced that Wes Craven might return as the director of the series, and we hear he’s closer than ever to making it official.

Over at BloodyDisgusting they revealed that the Weinstein Company plans on shooting and releasing Scream 4 in 3-D. On top of that revelation they also heard that Wes Craven is “closer than ever” to returning to the franchise to helm the film. The installment is supposed to mark the beginning of a new trilogy that will center on a younger version of the already established series.

I feel like I’m at a crossroads with this movie. I hate the fact that so many films are being produced in 3-D just for the sake of it, but I love the Scream franchise! This is where I find myself torn. I liked all three of the previous films and I thought the last one was downright hilarious. You may think that’s bad because it’s a horror movie, but the original idea behind Scream was to satirize the genre.

What do you think about Scream 4 possibly being shot in 3-D?