madonna to direct a feature film

Why Madonna? Why do you have to continue with this attempt at a film career? The singer-songwriter, who usually moonlights as an actress is taking on the role of director for her latest project. That’s right kiddies, and this won’t be Madge’s first time behind the camera, she also directed the ill-fated 2008 film, Filth and Wisdom.

According to The Daily Mail, Madonna has co-written a script with Alek Keshishian, the man who directed her acclaimed 1991 documentary Truth or Dare. The name of their joint venture is entitled, W.E. and the she plans on taking a seat in the directors chair for this one. Multiple sources have assured the general public that Madonna won’t star in the film, because according to them if she was going to be in it, we would already know. Well, isn’t that smug?

“W.E. is described as a romantic comedy about a woman called Wally Winthrop. Wally was ‘named for her grandmother’s passion’ and there are fantasy and flashback scenes involving Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson who, after the Abdication, were styled the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.”

That sounds utterly horrible. Sorry Madge, but this doesn’t catch my attention at all. From one Michigan girl to another I’ll try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not initially intrigued. Rumor has it that Guy Ritchie gave a once over of the screenplay after a draft was finished, but it will more than likely go through rewrites before production begins.

What do you think of Madonna returning to the film industry behind the camera?