leonardo dicaprio and tobey maguire remaking the third man

Rumor alert! Rumor alert! There’s word spreading across the web that Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow actor and childhood friend Tobey Maguire are remaking, The Third Man. Over at Chud, they’re regarding it as a rumor but an interesting one none the less. They believe that the Hollywood duo will star in a revamp of the 1949 original that was directed by Carol Reed.

According to their source, DiCaprio and Maguire will star in the film with a screenplay written by Steven Knight. Knight wrote the story for the acclaimed feature Eastern Promises, the 2007 crime drama that starred Viggo Mortensen. The package has supposedly been sent out to bidders and is in waiting. No director is attached at the moment, just the three talents previously mentioned.

I love Leo and Tobey, and I’d love to see them in a big budget film together. The last time I saw them co-star in a movie it was in the mid-nineties and they both still looked like children. Then again, Leo didn’t start looking like an adult until 2006, and Tobey still looks like a kid, but hey whatever works. The original Third Man starred Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles as the male leads, so that’s going to be a tough combination to beat.

What do you think about this casting rumor? Do you hope its true?