justin theroux your highness

Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder writer Justin Theroux has landed a gig as a producer on his next project. According to Reuters, the actor-writer-producer will take on a film entitled, Air Guitar. The film will be produced by Paramount, and yes it will cover the world of imitation licks and kicks while using the infamous non-existent instrument.

The script for Air Guitar will be written by Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger and not Theroux himself, even though we know he could do it if he wanted to. The film will be set “in the world of air-guitar competitions and feature the colorful characters who participate in them.” Air Guitar was originally set up at DreamWorks with Barry Josephson, but both moved over to Paramount when the companies split.

The premise for this film screams Will Ferrell or Jack Black for some odd reason. We all know they’ve covered their fair share of questionable subject matter over the course of their careers. Is there anything Justin Theroux can’t do? Next year, he’ll be starring in the comedy Your Highness opposite James Franco and Danny McBride. Geez Justin, save some work for the rest of the entertainers out there.

What do you think of Justin Theroux producing Air Guitar?