Are Disney engagement rings cool or crazy? If there is one thing I learned from my little adventure over at D23 it’s that Disney fans take everything to the next level. There’s a fine line between enthusiastic and down right crazy, and the idea of getting married with your favorite Disney character’s ring definitely walks the line. I thought your ring was supposed to remind you of your husband’s love, not Disney’s!

In the Spring of 2010 you’ll have your choice of six different princess rings to choice from all crafted after Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. Check out all the rings and their prices below…

Although this isn’t really a huge surprise after seeing that Kirstie Kelly the same woman who designed wedding dresses, veils, bridesmaid dresses and more for after famous Disney princess dresses add rings to her collection, there still is something not right about it. They seem like really expensive reminders of your favorite film to me.

Better hope your lady is a Little Mermaid fan and not an Aladdin fan, because apparently Jasmine is their highest priced and Ariel is their lowest.

Here’s the price scale:

  • Jasmine: $5,160
  • Sleeping Beauty: $4,960
  • Belle: $4,220
  • Cinderella: $3,980
  • Snow White: $3,580
  • Ariel: $3,280

Walt Disney’s argument for the engagement rings is:

“Subtle references to the personalities of each princess can be seen throughout the collection such as pave and millgrain borders, suggestive of Cinderella’s ethereal grace and charm, or baguettes and clean lines for Ariel, symbolic of an art deco influence and her bold individuality.”

So don’t worry, you’ll still be seeing you when you’re looking at Belle’s ring… hmmm….

I’m not buying this. Are you?

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