Even though MGM has been facing a boatload of problems as of late, their prized James Bond property is still afloat. Rumors have been circulating that the longstanding series would be sold off to another studio, because MGM could no longer afford to produce the films. Yet, according to a video brought to our attention by CommanderBond, the franchises’ star Daniel Craig announced that the new film will start shooting next year.

Craig and his A Steady Rain co-star Hugh Jackman were bombarded by fans as they excited the stage door of the Broadway play. A little before the one minute mark the actor states that the next Bond film will start shooting “at the end of next year.” There’s hope after all!

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I hope this is the case, because there’s no reason for the franchise to stop. It’s proven itself a money maker for over 40 years now. Let’s keep it going people.

Are you excited to see another James Bond film?