leaked new moon trailer

New Moon won’t hit theaters until November 20th, but Summit Entertainment has been releasing clips from the film left and right. Before you know it, the majority of the biggest scenes will be online. Earlier this week, we brought you the Wolf Pack clip, that centered on Jacob rescuing Bella from being eaten. Now, there’s a new scene available that features Bella being rescued from the Volturi by Edward to keep her from being, well…eaten. Do you notice a trend here?

Check out the clip…

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From the looks of it, Edward got knocked the f*ck out while trying to save his lady love. His sister also tried to step in and help, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for her. As you can tell, the Cullen’s are getting their asses handed to them here, but it won’t always be like that. They would never let anything hardcore happen to these guys.

What do you think of the latest clip from New Moon?

Source: Yahoo Movies UK