michael jackson remade thriller

One of the many surprises viewers can expect to see when attending a screening of Michael Jackson’s This is It are never before shown music videos. According to Cinemablend, prior to his death the singer-songwriter made several updated versions of some of his most famous videos including the 1983 history maker Thriller.

The director of This is It Kenny Ortega, revealed that the film will include new versions of “Thriller,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Earth Song.” All three of these re-imaginings were shot in 3-D with the intention of being shown during Jackson’s comeback tour. Even though the footage will be screened in 2-D when it’s released, Ortega does suspect that a 3-D version of the film may surface somewhere down the line.

I was already amped to see this movie after watching the trailer, and now I have another reason to buy a ticket. Who would turn down Thriller? A new video with new moves, and scarier costumes? It’s going to me awesome to see that in the theater so close to Halloween. What do you think?

This is It will hit theaters for a limited two week run starting on October 28th.

Are you interested in seeing a Thriller remake?