charlize theron and tom hardy cast mad max 4

Could this be a casting development for the upcoming Mad Max sequel/reboot? There have been rumors floating around regarding the fourth installment of the action franchise that made Mel Gibson a star for years. Director George Miller has been more than vocal about his desire to produce another film. Now we’re hearing rumors via EOnline that Oscar winner Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy may have been cast as the leads in the new film.

The working title being used for the film is Mad Max: Fury Road, instead of Mad Max 4 (that doesn’t roll the tongue as well). According to multiple sources, Theron is already on board to star as the female lead in the movie that will feature British actor Tom Hardy replacing Gibson in the title role. Miller stated himself that Gibson was too old to continue on in the series so he planned to recast him.

We also heard that The Hurt Locker star, Jeremy Renner was up for the title role in the film, but obviously that speculation has died down. I’m not sure if I even care about a fourth Mad Max film. Is that bad? Thunderdome was pushing it for me, I’ll always be a fan of the very first installment of the series. Even though Mel is no longer the star, he has to make some type of cameo right? They just can’t ignore his existence.

What do you think about the latest casting rumors for Mad Max 4?