bill nighy unsure about pirates 4

What’s with the constant tug of war between the producers and the actors of the pending Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, On Stranger Tides? Over the past month or so there have been rumors regarding whether or not the film will still happen due to star Johnny Depp‘s recent change of heart about the Disney franchise. For the most part, the studio refuted the rumors and said everything would continue as planned, yet co-star Bill Nighy seems to think the film is on shaky ground.

British actor Bill Nighy who’s featured as Davey Jones in the Pirates series isn’t so sure that production on the film will begin as quickly as everyone would like to think. He recently spoke to SciFiWire about the film, and from the sounds of it the prognosis isn’t good.

“I understand that there was an announcement that there was going to be a fourth, and now I’ve been told since that that was not a reliable announcement.”

He went on to say that the film’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn’t have the movie at the top of his list of projects for the coming year, so he’s not sure when it will actually get made.

“Jerry at one point said we have to wait until the world is pirate-hungry again,” Nighy said. “I think I’m getting a taste in my mouth.”

Even though the pieces aren’t adding up, the actor did say that he’d love to return for a fourth film, and another movie would only be natural due to the success of the prior three.

At this point Disney needs to let all the actors involved know what’s really going on because there have been too many misconceptions about the future of this franchise. First Johnny said he was unsure, then Geoffrey Rush said it was a go, now Bill has a bad feeling. I hate studio politics!

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