joseph wiseman dead at 91

One of the most notorious and memorable villains to go down in cinematic history has to be the sinister Dr. No, from the James Bond film of the same name. The actor Joseph Wiseman, who portrayed the character has unfortunately died at the age of 91. The sad news was confirmed by his daughter Martha who officially broke the story to the NYTimes and the LATimes. She explained that her father’s health had been declining for the past few years.

Even though Wiseman was best known for going toe to toe with Sean Connery‘s 007, he was a refined stage actor at heart. Before even appearing as Dr. No, he had several credible Broadway performances under his belt including, Detective Story and Viva Zapata! In a 1992 interview, he revealed that he had no idea how big the Bond film series would become.

“I had no idea it would achieve the success it did. As far as I was concerned, I thought it might be just another grade-B Charlie Chan mystery.”

More than likely, Wiseman will go down in history mostly noted for his role as the Bond villain, a fact that his daughter says frustrated him.

“He was horrified in later life because that’s what he was remembered for,” she said. “Stage acting was what he wanted to be remembered for.”

Even though he may not have liked it, Joseph Wiseman will always be the villain to beat in the Bond franchise. He has been emulated by many, but no one has ever been able to capture his evil essence.

Who is your favorite Bond villain? What did you like about Wiseman’s portrayal of Dr. No?