chris weitz to direct breaking dawn

The Twilight Saga has already been established as a film trilogy, even though there’s a fourth book just waiting to be adapted. The third film, Eclipse began production a while ago under the direction of David Slade, and Chris Weitz’s New Moon will hit theaters next month. With that in mind, when they do produce the fourth film, will Weitz return for a second round?

The director did an extensive Q&A over at THR, and one of the questions regarded his future with the Twilight franchise. There have been rumors that he’s set to helm the fourth film, and here’s what he had to say about that…

“The fans have been enthusiastic about the footage and the trailer, and the studio responds to that by feeling good about me,” Weitz says. “We’ll have to see how people feel about the entire movie, not only the studio but the fans, before the verdict is out whether I direct number four. David Slade is doing a great job on the third film, and by the time that comes out, he’ll be the flavor of the moment.”

So true Chris, so true. One minute you’re in the next minute your out. I think Eclipse might garner a larger fan response since it covers some “major” events between Edward and Bella. Don’t you agree?

Who do you think should direct Breaking Dawn?