bruce willis cast in kane and lynch

We haven’t heard much about the feature film adaptation of the popular video game Kane & Lynch. The last time I checked, they were still in the early pre-production stages for the film. A script hadn’t been finalized, and no one was set to star, but according to IGN all of that has changed. The film is ready to start production, and Lionsgate has managed to get Bruce Willis to sign on to play one of the lead characters.

Find out who he’ll play…

Kane & Lynch will start shooting next year in March, and the studio has acquired the acting prowess of action legend, Bruce Willis to star as Kane. The actor stated that the script for the film was one of the best he’s ever read. I’m not sure if that holds a lot of weight with me since he’s signed on to some pretty questionable stuff in the past. The live action version won’t feature every major sequence from the game, but the basic premise will be included.

This news comes via film producer Adrian Askarieh, who is also working on two other video game based films, Just Cause and Hitman 2. He stated,

“I think Just Cause is going to blow up as a franchise this February with Just Cause 2.” He said they won’t be able to afford a Will Smith or a Johnny Depp for the role of Scorpion, but will get a “really cool actor” for the part.

And as for the follow up to 2007′s Hitman, he said that it will have a “really unique, cool, creative storyline with ideas and interesting characters.” Timothy Olyphant hasn’t been confirmed to reprise his role as Agent 47 from the first film, but they’d love to have him back.

Do we really need a Hitman 2? I don’t think so. I’m borderline with the whole Kane & Lynch movie, even though Willis is great casting. I wonder who they could get to play Lynch, I’m thinking Mickey Rourke.

What do you think of Bruce Willis being cast in Kane & Lynch? Who do you think should play Lynch?