Megan Fox

What’s it take to be considered the best Sci-Fi actress? Apparently the best pout. At the Scream 2009 Awards, Miss Megan Fox herself was voted the “Best Sci-Fi Actress” aka the “Sexiest Sci-fi Actress” for her role in Transformers 2 – come on, we all know, including her, that it wasn’t her acting that anyone enjoyed about her being on screen.

That being said, there were a lot of sexy Sci-Fi ladies this year. Do you agree with the Fox win? Vote below…

Who do you think was 2009 Sexiest Sci-Fi Woman?

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It’s odd that no one seems to be mentioning Fox’s role in Jennifer’s Body which definitely crossed into Sci-Fi territory and was as overtly sexual as it could get. Apparently bending over in short, shorts for Michael Bay is what it takes to win the title, Diablo Cody‘s words just get everyone confused on what Fox is doing on screen.

And for all of you Twilight fans out there, don’t worry, Kristen Stewart went home with “Best Actress.”