new up in the air clip

A new clip has been released from the Jason Reitman film Up in the Air that’s headlined by Oscar winner George Clooney, and the lovely Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. In the latest promo video, we have a scene from the film that features Clooney and Kendrick at dinner. He’s explaining to the trainee the joys of dining on the companies’ dime.

Check out the clip from Up in the Air

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After watching that clip, Clooney’s character really seems like a bitter tight wad doesn’t he? With the release of the video comes some news about the film’s distribution. Previously it was stated that Up in the Air would open on November 13th for a limited release, and November 25th for wide. Those dates have since been changed. Now, there will be a limited release on December 4th, expanded release on December 11th, and wide on December 25th. Yeesh, how many films are opening on Christmas this year?!

What do you think about the latest clip from Up in the Air?