scary-movie reboot

Some franchises need to stop while they’re ahead or in the case of Scary Movie, stop when the original, writers, actors, and producers no longer want to be a part of it. According to Cinemablend, a fifth installment of the horror parody series is in the works, but instead of being a sequel it will be a reboot.

The last Scary Movie hit theaters back in 2006, and it made fun of Tom Cruise, Dr. Phil, and Shaquille O’Neal’s inability to make a free throw even when his life depends on it. As you can tell by that description they were scraping the bottom of the barrel, so it’s time for something new. The latest film will include new characters and situations, which means Anna Faris as Cindy is a no go. I take it her price tag has gotten too high for The Weinstein Co.

There isn’t a set date for the film as of yet, because the studio wants to wait until the release of Scream 4, which is actually a smart move. I stopped caring for this series after the second movie. I remember watching the third film with a stone face, because it wasn’t funny and the fourth one was just stale. If they go back to making fun of the horror genre, and not just pop culture they may be on to something.

What do you think about a Scary Movie reboot?