de niro law join thor

If this latest casting rumor is true, then we know Marvel isn’t playing any games with their upcoming adaptation of Thor. Speculation has risen this weekend over two high profile actors taking on roles in the Kenneth Branagh comic film. Over at AICN, they’re suggesting that two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro and Oscar nominee Jude Law are on board to co-star.

Actor Matthias Schweighöfer, recently spoke about being in the running for a role in Thor, and threw out the fact that De Niro and Law had already been cast. He broke the news in an interview from a German issue of the men’s magazine, GQ.  He doesn’t specify who the actors will play, nor does he elaborate on the role he’s in the running for.

Right now, this story is being regarded as a casting rumor. There’s been no official announcement stating that either actor will work on the film. Even if this is true, what roles are left for them to play? The majority of the main characters have been cast, so unless they pop up in a cameo there wouldn’t be much for them to do. I’m sure it’s not a question of the film’s quality, because both actors have worked with Branagh in the past, and for goodness sake De Niro did Stardust. I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to this!

What do you think of De Niro and Law possibly starring in Thor?