dominic cooper cast in thor

The Thor rumor mill is getting out of control. This morning we reported that Oscar winner Robert De Niro and Jude Law were rumored to be cast in the Kenneth Branagh Marvel adaptation. Now according to Movieline, Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper could be getting in on the comic action as well.

While in an interview promoting his latest film, An Education, Cooper revealed that he was up for a role in Thor, but had no idea who he would play. Apparently, the talks have been confidential but he did acknowledge that he knew nothing about the comic’s history. Like I said in the previous post the majority of the main characters have already been cast so who could Cooper play? Some have suggested Fandral the Dashing, one of the Warriors Three.

There have been so many rumors surrounding this already massive cast, I’m starting to get concerned about the story. I wish I knew the direction Branagh planned on taking this film in. The characters that have already been featured point to one story, then we hear rumors about new roles opening up that point to another. Where do we go from here?

Who do you think Dominic Cooper should play in Thor?