jackie earle haley sinestro

If Ryan Reynolds can go around portraying every comic character ever created, so can Jackie Earle Haley. There’s a casting rumor that the Watchmen, and A Nightmare on Elm Street star may be featured in the upcoming Green Lantern film. According to AICN, Haley is at the top of a list of actors being considered to play Green Lantern’s nemesis, Sinestro.

The site claims that this casting rumor comes from someone who’s working closely on the film, so a semi-reliable source. As if Haley playing Sinestro wasn’t big enough, they also heard that Superman will be making a cameo. There aren’t any specifics on if the cameo will be of Superman or his alter ego Clark Kent, but he will be there none the less. There are many ways to incorporate the character into the Green Lantern story, so I wonder what route they’ll take?

If this is true, kudos to Jackie Earle Haley for leading the pack of potentials. Hopefully he is cast, because he would be the perfect fit for Sinestro. As for Superman’s cameo, it smells like DC and Warner Bros are taking a note from Marvel. From early script speculation, I heard that Kent would get passed over for the Green Lantern ring, before its handed over to Hal Jordan. Maybe that will be his cameo?

I’m not sure if a DC Universe crossover could ever happen, and if it does Batman couldn’t be a part of it. Christopher Nolan‘s take on the character is too deeply rooted in reality, he has his own “Nolanverse” going. We’ll have to see how Martin Campbell interprets the Green Lantern, and from there we can get an idea of what direction these films are trying to go.

Do you think Jackie Earle Haley should play Sinestro in the Green Lantern movie?