will ferrell everything must go

Will Ferrell has signed on for another comedy (no surprise there), but this time it’s an independent project. A far cry from his previous blockbusters Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights, the actor will star in a low budget film entitled, Everything Must Go. According to Variety, the film will mark the feature directorial debut of commercial helmer, Dan Rush.

Everything Must Go will center on a guy who loses his job and gets locked out of the house by his wife. She deposits his belongings on the front lawn, and he spends the next four days trying to sell his possessions. The film will be independently financed for under 10 million dollars, which is a far cry from Ferrell’s usual price tag.

It turns out that the screenplay for the film was featured on last year’s Black List (a list of great screenplays yet to be bought), and it got Rush several meetings with many name actors. Ferrell was more than impressed with the script, and decided he wanted in.

One of the film’s producers Marty Bowen had this to say about Ferrell taking on this role,

“Will is one of the best at making an audience sympathize with a character’s ordeal, and the blending and comedy in this script will show a side of him that we haven’t really seen before.”

Interesting. The film is scheduled to start production in March, and I hope it’s a redemption project because I still haven’t recovered from Land of the Lost (shiver).

What do you think of Will Ferrell starring in a low budget comedy?