uma thurman wants to kill bill

Give the people what they want, Uma! Actress Uma Thurman heard about the recent Kill Bill Vol 3 talk from writer-director Quentin Tarantino, and she’s down for the cause. A few weeks ago while overseas, Tarantino appeared on an Italian talk show where he confirmed that he was working on a third film in the series, and he stated that The Bride will fight again!

See what Thurman had to say about reprising her role…

Over at MTV, they spoke to the portrayer of The Bride, and she confirmed that Tarantino has shared some of his development ideas with her, but she can’t go into any specifics on what he disclosed.

“We did chat, we did chat,” she told us. He has not yet finished the script. I don’t even really know if he’s really started it, although I got a taste of some of his ideas and they are really good. He has started to share with me what he was thinking, and it’s awesome.”

From what we’ve heard in the past, the third film may center around the daughter of Vivica Fox’s character Vernita Green as she tries to avenge the death of her mother. Uma wouldn’t go into detail about what she learned, but she did say it would be fun to do another movie.

Do you want to see a Kill Bill Volume 3? What should the story be about?