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Jessica Biel has been cast as the main female lead in the sausage party that will be Joe Carnahan‘s The A-Team. Her character was originally described as the ex-girlfriend of Faceman (Bradley Cooper), who happens to be an army general hot on the A-Team’s tail. The actress recently sat down with MTV, and spoke a little about her character and the film.

On IMDB, Biel’s character name is listed as Amy Allen, yet in her MTV interview she stated it as Carissa Sosa. I’m hoping there’s an error on her part, or maybe her character is a double agent? Here’s what she had to say about the role.

“She works for the Department of Defense, so she’s sort of after the A-Team throughout the whole movie,” she said. “She had a previous relationship connection with one of the members of the A-Team, but not presently at the moment is their particular love interest.”

We already know it’s Face, stop trying to beat around the bush. When her casting was announced the first thing they said was that she would play his ex. That’s not a big secret, nice try though. They couldn’t let her go without asking her the biggest question of all, will Mr. T. make a cameo in the film? Inquiring minds want to know.

“I don’t know about [possible cameos] actually. Up to my knowledge at this point no,” she said, adding that she’d like to see Mr. T play some kind of role. “That would be great. I can’t imagine that people wouldn’t want to see him. When you think of A-Team you think of Mr. T, so that’d be great. I don’t know about it though.”

With the exception of Hannibal, I think it would be great if all the original actors made an appearance in the movie. It has to be done in a non-corny way, but done none the less.

What do you think of Jessica Biel starring in The A-Team?