Wes Anderson Responds to Fantastic Mr Fox Backlash

Any bad news regarding the upcoming film Fantastic Mr. Fox, makes by blood boil. Mr. Fox has to be one of the most highly anticipated films of the fall, and is definitely at the top of my must see list. Lately, there has been a bit of bad press hovering over the film questioning director Wes Anderson‘s work ethic. Anderson finally confronted these rumors and set the record straight once and for all.

Over at the LATimes a piece was ran that featured a few unkind words from the film’s director of photography who didn’t agree with the way Anderson handled his directing duties. Tristan Oliver stated, “It’s not in the least bit normal. I’ve never worked on a picture where the director has been anywhere other than the studio floor!” According to him and several other crew members Anderson was rarely seen on set, and aggravated everyone with his unconventional ways.

Them sounds like fighting words! But Oliver was quoted when the film was still in production and months later clarified that his words were misinterpreted. You can checkout Anderson’s video response in this interview below.

Who do you believe Wes or Tristan the DP?