the conspirator cast kline bledel wilkinson

Robert Redford isn’t playing any games with his upcoming period drama, The Conspirator. Earlier today, we brought you two photos from the set of the movie that began filming Monday in Georgia, as well as the casting announcement of Toby Kebbell as John Wilkes Booth. Now, according to Variety, three more actors have joined the cast, Oscar winner Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, and former Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel.

The Conspirator centers on Mary Surratt (Robin Wright Penn), the only female charged in the conspiracy to kill the president (Lincoln), and James McAvoy plays Frederick Aiken, the war hero assigned to defend her. Wilkinson will play Reverdy Johnson, the former attorney general who as U.S. Senator is the mentor to the young lawyer, and sympathetic to Surratt. Kline plays Lincoln’s War Secretary Edwin Stanton, and Bledel plays Aiken’s wife, Catherine Morgan.

I may have to give Redford a standing ovation for bringing Kevin Kline back to the land of the living. He’s one of my favorite actors, and to my dismay he’s been in semi-retirement for the past few years. When I saw him pop up at the Oscars earlier in February I jumped for joy, and thought to myself that is a real actor!

What do you think of Kline, Wilkinson, and Bledel joining the cast of The Conspirator?