In case you’d rather know for celebs think about Paranormal Activity than read out review, here is a list of some celeb response tweets to Paranormal Activity (and in the case of Kat Dennings her reaction to the trailer). I don’t know how much I buy what they’re saying, but this were sent to me from Paramount and so at least we know that they’re not fake.

Check out all the scared celebs below…

Tyrese Gibson (Transformers)

  • Tyrese4ReaL I was so scary I just walked home in the rain.. cause I didn’t wanna be in any inclosed areas.. HOLY SHHIIITT!!
  • Tyrese4ReaL Come meet me at the Archlight Theater I’m going to a 10:50 tonight to watch PAranormal Activity..Scary Shit in the Rain! Last Min TwitBash!
  • Tyrese4ReaL HAd a nightmare………………………………………… Dammit
  • Tyrese4ReaL Oh shit.. I think someone is in my house………

Jason Reitman (Director of Thank You for Smoking, Juno, and Up in the Air)

  • JasonReitman @yungT23 Paranormal Activity is the real deal. Trust me.
  • JasonReitman RE @mrosenbaum711: – still freaking out after the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY screening. How dare you! – Foot rub? Tampon?
  • JasonReitman Paranormal Activity + Nyquil = Nyghtmares… still recovering
  • JasonReitman Fuck Paranormal Activity was scary. Freaked out whole gang. Felt bad for the folks who went home alone. Keeping my MagLight near the bed.

David Spade (Rules of Engagement, Grandma’s Boy, Racing Stripes, Just Shoot Me!, The Emperor’s New Groove, Tommy Boy)

  • davidspade too scared to see paranormal activity. not normal when i poop pants

Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)

  • moonfrye Just saw #Paranormal Activity Very freaky! Creepy! Good cuddle flick. I held my husbands arm for most of the movie.

James Kyson Lee (Heroes)

  • jameskysonlee Had rollercoaster mind orgy with Paranormal Activity last nite… medulla sacks still sore

Kurt Loder (MTV)

  • MTV ‘Paranormal Activity’: Fright Nights, By Kurt Loder

Jim Lee (Comic book artist for The Punisher, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Batman, Superman, etc.)

  • jimlee00 Let’s do this!RT @tamarlovesu can’t stop starin at the Paranormal Activity ticker.776,037 demands&counting-mesmerizing!
  • jimlee00 Those late 2RT party:RT this to win a sketch!Help get 1Mill demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open wide
  • jimlee00 Thanx for helpin-> @tamarlovesu RT “help get 1 Million demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open nationwide”
  • jimlee00 RT @tamarlovesu Please RT and help me get 1 Million demands for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY so it can open nationwide!!

CobraSnake (Famous Party Promoter)

  • thecobrasnake If u wanna get scared and piss ur pants see paranormal activity

Harry Shum Jr. (GLEE, Step Up 2, Apple Commercials)

  • iharryshum Um…paranormal activity is suspensful. I closed one eye and squinted the other to act as a filter…didn’t help.Funny and scary. Go see it!

Roger Ebert (Famous Critic)

  • ebertchicago Low budget, no fancy f/x, but it’s surprising how scary “Paranormal Activity” is.

Danny Wood (New Kids on the Block)

  • dannywood Movie tip. And you have to google were it is playing. “Paranormal Activity” scariest movie I have ever seen. Spine chillingly awesome.

Michael Yo (Chelsea Lately, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Yo on E!)

  • yomichael Check it out So SCARY!@Yomichael Hi Yo! Help me get 1 million demands so PARANORMAL ACTIVITY can open nationwide!

Jon Favreau (Iron Man Director, Couples Retreat, G Force, Four Christmases, Open Season, The Break-Up, I Love You Man, Swingers)

  • Jon_Favreau Retweet @tamarlovesu: We have crossed the 400k mark! Let’s keep it going and hit 1 MILLION DEMANDS for PARANORMAL!

Kat Dennings (The House Bunny, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Shorts)

  • OfficialKat Horrendous nightmare after watching the Paranormal Activity trailer…I think I’ll go put my face in a bunny rabbit for the rest of my life

John Gallagher Jr. (Spring Awakening)

  • JohnGallagherJr Both showings of Paranormal Activity sold out on a Monday night. Grass roots marketing campaign must be working. Hope to see it soon.

Jordan Sparks (American Idol)

  • TheRealJordin Just saw Paranormal was really good but IT WAS SO SCARY! Omg. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Omg. Omg.

Spencer Pratt (The Hills)

  • spencerpratt RT @ParamountPics: Paranormal Activity coming to 20 more cities! Is it coming to yours?! I heard this is SCARY! DEMONS!

The odd thing is, it sounds like some of them haven’t even seen the film, a few twittered that they’re “too scared” to see it, some seem to just be promoting it, and others are saying that they’ve only seen the trailer. Although, I could make a point here, I’m tempted to say, enough with the bitching, this movie was made for $11 mill and I’m happy to see the hype carry it so far. Go Paranormal Activity! If it manages to top Wolverine or Transformers, I will be its biggest fan, no matter how scary or non-scary it is!

And on the plus side you know how the twitter accounts to come of your favorite film-makers!

Does this make you more excited to see the movie?