donald sutherland and ben foster join the mechanic

I love Donald Sutherland, but sometimes I question the projects he involves himself with. According to Variety, Sutherland along with Ben Foster have signed on to co-star in the Jason Statham film, The Mechanic. As you can imagine it’s an action oriented feature, and it’s a remake.

The original Mechanic hit theaters in 1972 and starred the original gangster Charles Bronson as the lead character. The film centered on a former hitman who takes a youngster under his wing as an apprentice in the game of death (no pun intended). The student in question will be played by Foster, while Sutherland will take on the role of his father and Statham’s handler. The Mechanic will be directed by Simon West and is scheduled to start production in New Orleans in the next few weeks.

I really don’t know what to say about this, because so much is wrong here. Once again Jason Statham is sticking to his winning formula when it comes to choosing his roles. I’m not surprised by his involvement, and Ben Foster isn’t that much of a stretch either, but Donald Sutherland, why? If he can make his character a mangy old man doesn’t take crap from anybody, I can get down with it, but otherwise, meh.

What do you think of Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland Joining The Mechanic?