It’s always fun to have a trailer for a movie you knew nothing about pleasantly surprise you at 7 in the morning. I just stumbled across a new trailer for Uncertainty, a film by directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins, with Olivia Thirlby. It sounds like the film has been done for some time and looking for distribution. Maybe the casts recent successes have helped move the process along. The film will be released in limited theaters as well as a VOD release on November 13, 2009.

There is definitely a lot going on in this trailer, so trying to classify it or explain it to you is a bit tricky.

Check it out for yourself below and then we’ll try and discuss it…

IMDB Synopsis: A young couple, in love and facing a life-changing decision, find one seemingly ordinary July 4th cleaved in two by the flip of a coin on the Brooklyn Bridge.

There’s obviously a lot more to this film than what we’ve just seen in the trailer. The film appears to be a romantic-drama tied in with some kind of cell-phone thriller. Although, neither one seems to be taking center stage just yet to it’s hard to categorize the film as either. The coin toss seems to be imperative and yet we have no clue what it’s for. Fun, fun. The shot of them flipping it and then running either direction is intriguing. Other than that, my guess is you’ll just have to find the film and watch it to find out more. Was this enough to intrigue you?