People Magazine Close Up

Yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek of photos from People’s New Moon Collector’s Edition. The issue features the first pictures taken from the third film in the vampire saga, Eclipse. We’ve already shown you a couple shots featuring Bella and Edward, and now they’ve released a high quality image of a shirtless and wet Jacob. It’s so disturbing.

Take a look at the latest photos from The Twilight Saga

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Within the special issue, the magazine spoke to some of the stars of the film to get the inside scoop on the next installment of the series, New Moon.

Twilight is about first love; New Moon is about heartbreak,” says the film’s director Chris Weitz. “That requires the actors to go to some very dark places.”

Taylor Lautner spoke about the fan’s response to Jacob,

“I get nervous trying to represent Team Jacob in the right way,” Lautner admits. “This guy [Pattinson] is some pretty good competition. Fans ask me to growl for them, and I really don’t enjoy doing that,” the 17-year-old star says. “Please just wait for the movie.”

What do you think of the newest photos from New Moon and Eclipse?