josh duhamel cast in what's he got?

Disney’s first project under the leadership of newly appointed chairman Rich Ross has been named, and it’s called What’s He Got? According to THR, the studio acquired the film rights to the story from Kevin Bisch, with Transformers star Josh Duhamel already attached to star.

Since What He’s Got? is still a fresh acquisition there aren’t many details surrounding the film’s plot. The only description given from Disney is that it’s considered a “buddy comedy.” The deal for the film was stated to be in the mid to high-six figure range, which isn’t anything to sneeze at considering the economic climate we’re facing. Studios have gotten stingy with their developmental funds, especially over at Universal and Warners.

Andrew Panay is one of the producers on the film, and has several blockbuster comedies under his belt including 2005′s Wedding Crashers. I doubt What’s He Got? will be that much of a raunch fest, but it does make me wonder who else is set to star. They said it’s a buddy comedy, so who’s going to be Duhamel’s partner in crime? Any ideas?

What do you think of Josh Duhamel being cast in What’s He Got? Who should star opposite him?