I just came across an interesting article on, where they discussed one of the many possible Oscar contenders for the upcoming ceremony. Hold on to your butts, because you won’t believe who they think has a chance in not one but multiple categories. I’m talking about Todd Phillips’ summer comedy, The Hangover!

The author of the article, had a conversation with an avid Academy voter who brought up The Hangover as a serious contender for Best Picture and maybe even Best Supporting Actor. The Academy made waves months ago when it was announced that the Best Picture category would now be filled with 10 nominees, a change that angered a lot of people (some I know personally). This levels the playing field for a lot of films, but The Hangover really? Here’s what Dave Karger had to say,

Even Hangover haters have to admit the movie does boast an irresistible premise, a brilliant structure, and an amazing comedic performance by Zach Galifianakis, who could just be a stealth Best Supporting Actor contender if the movie’s campaign takes off. With several of the big-ticket “Oscar movies” destined to disappoint, perhaps a bona fide summer blockbuster will occupy a slot (or two) of the top 10.

What’s so sad, is that I agree with him on the disappointing Oscar caliber films this year. I haven’t been particularly blown away by any of the buzz that’s been generated for certain movies, so I’m wondering if those 10 slots will even be necessary? As for The Hangover getting in on the action, Robert Downey Jr. did get nominated for his outlandish role in Tropic Thunder. Even if an Oscar nod isn’t in the film’s future maybe a Golden Globe is?

What do you think about The Hangover being a serious awards season contender?