zombieland director weighs his options

After the critical and commercial success of the horror comedy, Zombieland it’s no surprise that director Ruben Fleischer has been swamped with more movie offers. According to Reuters,  the world is Fleischer’s oyster and several high profile projects have been thrown his way. The question is what will he choose, and what will he pass on?

Fleischer is already loosely attached to helm the film Daddy’s Home, which centers on “a divorced man whose ex-wife is re-married to an uptight man, and the comedy that ensues when the divorcee re-appears on the scene.” No formal deal has been set in place, but it’s being considered as a possible star vehicle for Will Ferrell and Ed Helms.

Speaking of Ferrell, Fleischer’s name has also been thrown around as one of the potentials to direct the comedy Neighborhood Watch, a film the actor has long been attached. Yet, his biggest possibility might be the silver screen adaptation of the ’80′s TV show 21 Jump Street.

With so many options, which will he choose? I think all of these have potential. I’m a bit weary about 21 Jump Street, just because that show holds a special place in my heart. He can go for the other two, but I don’t want my cop dramedy to hit the screen anytime soon.

What do you think Fleischer should direct next?